All companies want multiple likes, comments, and shares on their Facebook posts, but few know how to attain it. In perusing the posts that seem to have the most attention, there are recurring similarities. These similarities have been turned into our list for today: Two Tips For Successful (and Catchy) Facebook Posts!
1. Use humor that relates to an everyday laughable moment for a large demographic. For example, in relating to the demographic of dog-lovers, a humorous quote or pictures of silly things about dogs- crazy positions in which they sleep, shameful things they destroy, their persistence in wanting to be fed or walked, etc. would probably have the most attention.
2. Share something personal about your personnel. Staff will want to share or tag themselves in the post.  If the status or photo is remarkable in someway (funny, meaningful, etc.) and the tagged person’s friends like it or comment on it, then it will be shared to their friends’ news feed, thus expanding your exposure.
Use these tips this week in your company’s posts and watch your exposure grow! Then come back and tell us about your success. We want to hear from you!