1. Things.  Be more specific! Anything can be a thing. When words are too general, they do not speak to any specific demographic. Which means that your target audience just got lost in the vastness of the masses.
  2. Great. Use different words to describe the limitless wonders of your company’s product or services. When at a loss for other words to use, here is a list that could ignite your creativity!! ~big, wonderful, fantastic, tremendous, extravagant, extraordinary, amazing, magnificent, master, superb, outstanding, brilliant, first-rate, profitable, astounding, exquisite, wondrous, superior, commendable, colossal, laudable, and meritorious.
  3. Your.  More specifically, if you are going to use the word “your”, be sure to use it appropriately.  It is one of the most misspelled words in social media. When used incorrectly, your company can seem to be less professional. The 2 ways it is used incorrectly the most, is when in an attempt to use it in the possessive tense, the r is left off which results in the word “you”.  The other way it is used incorrectly is in an attempt to use the contraction “you’re” which stands for “you are”.  In both cases, a simple proof reading can correct those mistakes.
By expanding your vocabulary, you could also expand your clientele!