footballIt’s Super Bowl time of year, and super businesses are made from super leaders.  Here are 3 ways to be a better leader:
1. Spend more time listening than talking.  Have you ever wondered why humans have two ears and only one mouth?  Maybe it is so that we will listen twice as much as we talk.  There have been numerous occasions when I’ve caught myself being the main talker of a conversation, and wished that I had listened to the other person much more.  Hopefully as I mature, it is a lesson that I will continue to learn and practice. As business men and women, by listening to your employees, you can keep a finger on the pulse of the workplace and be proactive in keeping it positive and productive.  By listening to your customers, you can always be on the cusp of new products or services that align with the needs and wants of consumers.
2. Read more than watching.  A wise man once gave great advice, that just by flipping pages and skimming those pages of a great book each day, you are guaranteed to learn more than just watching TV. Set a goal to flip through a book written by a mentor of yours everyday and gleam one thing per night.  Your wisdom will grow exponentially!
3. Give before receiving.  It may sound like something that would be said around the Christmas holidays, but it is a true statement year round.  Instead of waiting for a sale, plan on how your business can give back to the community.  Start making plans, even. People who see acts of compassion, “giving back’, may even inquire about your business and be a future client in the making!
Here’s to a Super 2014!