Two years ago, my husband decided to upgrade one of our two AC units. He did scads of research, had 3 different estimates done, and finally went with a man who had been personally recommended (who also came with a great price). The job was done well, at the price quoted, and in the time frame quoted.  So last year when he was ready to replace the second unit, he didn’t do the research or get the estimates done this time. Instead, he called the same guy and scheduled the install.  This year, things were much different. The job wasn’t done well.  Follow up appointments were made and not kept, price wasn’t all encompassing, and the quality of work was not the same. That was frustrating. Two years ago, we would have gladly recommended this guy to others had they asked if we knew anyone. However, we can’t recommend him anymore.
Treat your returning customers extra good. You want to become their “guy”, so when someone asks them if they know a guy in your field of expertise, you can be that guy. Returning customers don’t waste your time by calling with multiple questions, requests for quotes, question why your price is so different from others, or schedule appointments for comparisons quotes.  Because they trust your past work, and aren’t requiring extra time of you or your techs, show them extra respect in being on time for appointments, clean up your workspace extra well, ask if there is anything else you can help them with, or go out of your way to thank them for their loyalty.  These are the customers that can grow your business by leaps and bounds.