At its foundation, your marketing should be an exercise in memorization. Most marketing is a complete dud filled with elusive tag lines and beautiful pictures meant to make a customer feel something, and it doesn’t work. Why? Because they are completely ignoring the memorization part. Think about it if I said, “A 15-minute call could save you 15%,” who do you think of?

Here are 4 things to include in your marketing message to help make a memorable brand!

A Great One-Liner: If you are like me, you’ve struggled to answer the familiar question, “what do you do?” and because of this in the past, I’ve missed out on marketing opportunities. Your one-liner should include three parts, the problem your customer is facing, the product you sell, and the result. Here is an example of one for content creation. One of the biggest headaches that come with website development is filling pages with great content. We have great writers who can create text for your website. Our content establishes you as an authority in your industry.

Clear Vision: Customers are encountering 3,000 commercial messages every day and are constantly swatting these messages away. The ones that get through are the ones they understand the fastest. Think about it: how often does someone purchase an inferior service or product? This happens all time. If your marketing material lacks a clear vision, people will go to where they can understand the vision better. The goal here is not to be cute or clever be clear. You can be cute and clever as long as you are clear.

Tag Lines: When it comes to marketing, a tagline is your business mantra; it tells people what you do in a few words. The purpose is it allows you to be remembered and sticks in your customers head to help them identify your brand and marketing message. It gives people the words to spread about your brand. The best way to create tag lines is to make it simple, keep it short, and make it repeatable. The first one that comes to mind for me is Nike’s tag line of Just Do It. Once you develop a catchy, memorable tag line put it on all your marketing material for people to see and remember.

Relationship building: To build a relationship with someone, you have to take up space in their self-map. A self-map is a map of everything they associate with themselves. Brands can take up space on a person’s self-map. Think about your favorite sports team, politician, or cell phone. How many dinner conversations have escalated to a crucial conversation over these things? The goal here is to have the customer become a brand evangelist. You want them walking around telling their friends they are a (fill in the blank) user. Use the three previous tips to help with this one.