cut business costsSince it is January, it is the month of resolutions, exercise, and diets.  Many people begin the new year by wanting to get their body in shape.  It’s also the time to get your business in shape too, by going on a business “diet”.  There is no better time in the year to try new things, new products, new ideas.  It may be the perfect time to try cutting out the fast food of the business world–the things that are enjoyable, yet not good for you.  Maybe it’s taking the office out for lunch daily and putting it on the company bill, or allowing your employees to make personal copies on the business copier–free of charge.  These small things can add up to a big bill for your company, which in the current state of economic affairs could be damaging to your finances.
But how do you make those changes without alienating your employees? By letting these fast foods be their idea! Call an office meeting and put the idea out there to cut out some frivolous, yet fun, spending in an effort to increase the future life and profits of the company.  Be sure to add in there the idea of wanting the employees to have job security, because their jobs are dependent on the success of the business.  Then allow the employees to brainstorm ways of cutting costs. Compare them to your list and then try it! You may find that your employees will not just go along with the ideas, but may be your champions along the road to greater financial health for your business!
Have a happy and HEALTHY 2014!