Coffee Shops, haven for the creative, curse for the easily distracted.  I love coffee shops.  When I have work to be done, but feel like the itching sensation of office claustrophobia; the coffee shop has come to the rescue.

I think many of us lucky enough not to have to spend our 9-5 chained to a desk appreciate the shop.  We appreciate the relaxed atmosphere combined with the concentrated alertness that comes with the smooth caffeine injection.  Even the smell of beans being roasted makes me feel lighter and more focused.

I think one thing that separates me from many of my fellow coffee commandos is that I have more than one shop.  Because of the job, I travel around and have different shops that I use for different purposes.  It’s a funny thing I know.

Yes, where I happen to be plays a lot into where I go, but I also consider what I’m looking for.  I have a shop I go to when I just want to take it easy, but spend a few hours productively.  I have one where I can get super focused with no distractions and just work for hours.  Then I have one where I will get great conversation and be able to interact with others.  Its like the “Cheers” of coffee shops.  Everyone knows my name.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I have to say while it probably doesn’t crack the top 10; I’m still very thankful for the little shop that allows me out of the office to dream, create, or do something completely mundane a little differently.