You work hard to run a successful dog daycare.  Posting to social media is essential but can be time-consuming and tedious.  We take the work out of it.  We curate the best articles from around the web on dogs and post them straight to your social media properties.  No hassles, it just works!  Your customers get to enjoy great content courtesy of their favorite doggy daycare.

Dog Daycares and Social Media

Customer expectations when it comes to the care of their dogs have risen greatly from where they once were.  A lone cage in a small room doesn’t cut it anymore.  Thankfully, many puppy parents are spending more money on the care of their dogs.  Many dog daycares are incorporating suite style boarding and open, leash-free, play areas.

One of the things that has to evolve in this changing landscape is communication.  Social media is everywhere.  76% of Americans use social media.  Removing young children and the elderly from this figure and it means almost every American is on some kind of social media.  So it’s not a question of whether or not your customer is using social media.  They are.  The question is if you want to use social media to reach your current customers and obtain new ones.

Communicating with Current and Potential Customers

Using social media to reach new dog daycare customers is more important than ever with 81% of shoppers researching companies online before buying.  This means before potential customers contact you with their boarding or daycare needs; they are looking at your website, social media, and reviews.  Most likely, you do this yourself when considering new products or services.  In fact, its what you’re doing now!  We’re guessing you haven’t already contacted us.  You’re doing your research first.  We applaud you for it!  We hope you agree having potential customers landing on languishing social media pages with intermittent posting is not an option.

We excel at providing interesting and helpful content to your social media properties to keep them up-to-date and ready for any potential customer scrutiny.  We offer simple $99 plans as well as custom solutions capable of handling your entire online presence.  If you have any questions or comments, please give us a call (912-596-6681 or 888-457-5216) or shoot us an email.  To sign-up for a free consultation, click here.

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