Can Not Having a Facebook Affect Sales?  I went to a phone store the other day to get a new phone and while talking to my salesman about the features of my new phone he mentioned that he didn’t know anything about the Facebook app because he “didn’t do Facebook”.  That really surprised me.  He was late 30s and dressed up to date, so I just assumed he had an account.  It seems like everyone has one, but I guess what truly surprised me is knowing that the Facebook app is one of the most downloaded apps ever, this salesman didn’t know how to use it.  Even though he quickly called over another salesman to talk with me about the app, but he lost a connection with me as a client.
In this day and age, people may not want a personal Facebook account for many reasons, however, it is becoming a mandatory marketing tool for businesses.  Hundreds, thousands and more potential clients are reached with the click of a button.  Using Facebook to advertise sales, specials, new hours of operation, new address of store’s physical location, as well as sharing before and after pictures of a service that your business offers, is becoming the best free way of communicating with current and potential clients.
While not having a personal Facebook account may not affect your business, not having a business Facebook page will.