Most businesses have a 5 year plan or a 10 year plan for growth.  But what can you do about it right now, today?  Here are 5 things you can do today to boost your businesses visibility.
    1. Wear a tshirt. Have a t-shirt made with your business website written across the front and back.  Just simply wearing a tshirt with your website will mean that  people will see your website address, and you never know who will need your services.  Curious people will be sure to check it out later, just to see what it was all about.
    2. Cross-market.  Partner with another local business that is complimentary to your business needs (ie, salon/spa with a home décor store) and offer to cross-market and advertise for each other either through swapping signs to display in a brick and mortar building/ button on website, or word of mouth to clients.
    3. Get on the social media wagon. It’s a wagon that’s not going away, so hop on the band wagon and get social.  Hiring a social media manager is an easy way to get the most out of all the networks.  Doing it yourself is possible, but a lot of work.
    4. Automobile decal. Whether a sticker on the back windshield or a magnetic decal on the front driver’s side and passenger side door, decals can make quite the impression, if done well.  Simply going about your day to day errands is promoting your business.  One word of caution, dress the part and drive courteously as to make the right kind of first impression, treating all other drivers as potential clients.
    5. Lastly, make a connection in a local school.  Giving out pencils, volunteering one hour a week in the school library, or showing up a the local high school football game wearing your business website tshirt can create a bond with the next generation and expose your business to a whole new demographic on which to build.