According to studies, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media.  For years, my friends and family have been sucked in to the draw of Pinterest, but I have held my ground of not joining.  My reasons for not joining were simply that I didn’t have the time, as I had heard that once you start browsing, hours fly by wasted.  But, I have succumbed. And yes, time has been wasted. But the ideas for work, teaching, recipes, hilarious sayings, fashion ideas, home improvement ideas, and more just are too good to resist. Since joining Pinterest, I have made the most amazing hamburgers, taught a fantastic lesson to my students, worn a very well-put-together outfit and laughed incredibly hard for an incredibly long time.
I’m still a Facebook-er and Twitter-er at heart for the social interaction, but as a visual learner, (one who remembers things seen and learns by seeing things), I am hooked.  I’ve also noticed that many businesses and companies are creating boards on Pinterest as well, thus making a more personal connection to their clientele.  Last year, tv personalities on a morning show volunteered to make one of their Pinterest boards public to share with their viewers, thus cementing the bond between the viewers and the tv personalities.  What a great marketing strategy, making a more personal connection to the clientele and creating a stronger sense of loyalty.
My next post will be on how the small business can take advantage of this avenue! Stay tuned…