GradeLeaders are everywhere.  A teacher walked into a classroom full of 25 new fourth graders.  Within minutes she had identified who the leaders were.  One of the class leaders was a boy who mumbled some comment under his breath after every thing that the teacher said.  When the boy said these things, all the other boys chuckled along with him only fueling his actions.  One of the other leaders in the class got just as much attention but not for saying snarky comments. He was a quiet leader who everyone noticed when he spoke.  He was the cool guy.  If he had chosen to wear a striped shirt with plaid shorts to school one day, he would have set a trend so that all the kids would be wearing stripes and plaids to school the very next day.
Leadership like these two examples are everywhere including fourth grade and the workplace.  What kind of leader are you?  Do you affect people quietly or purposefully?  One isn’t necessarily better than the other, just different.  It takes all kinds of leaders to run businesses. Be the kind of leader you want to have followed!