Businesses are good at marketing their primary strengths, because it is that primary strength that is usually their main product or service provided by their business.  But what about your secondary strengths?  Here’s an example.  As a teacher, my primary strength is my teaching ability.  That is my job for which I get paid the most.  But, I also have secondary strengths that are marketable, like my ability to create certain resources for teaching.  Through researching, learning, and lots of practice, I’ve learned how to create attractive clip art, forms, games, worksheets, and other resources that other teachers may not know how to create or have time to create for their main job—teaching.  So by marketing my secondary strengths, I can make money helping others increase their performance in teaching too.
So for the non-teachers, i.e. business owners, what are your secondary strengths? Organizing in a brick and mortar store?  Create eye catching displays?  Create chic flyers or posters? Organizing storage closets and office supplies?  Use these secondary strengths and market them to other business owners who may struggle in those areas.  Take photos of your work and use social media to promote your secondary strengths.  This kind of back up marketing or secondary strength marketing can be a way to supplement your income from your primary strength and also possibly build clientele for your primary as well!