There was an article I read last week about a dentist who had found that word of mouth just wasn’t what it used to be as a marketing tool.  The dentist had relied on his content and happy customers to spread the word about his services to their friends and family which would build his clientele.  That worked until 2005 when his clientele dropped off. Then word of mouth just wasn’t enough to build his practice back to it’s previous state.  By 2010 he had discovered social media and began working that as a way of promoting his practice and reaching out to people new to the area.  By 2012 his practice was reaching a healthy state again.
This predicament can be applied to so many businesses.  Instead of collecting business cards, young people of today are “liking” a company’s page.  Instead of a rolodex or phone book, people are just googling a company for a phone number or website.
There are so many positives for this kind of marketing, though.  There is instant feedback, instant communication, and a constant finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not.  Using this information can help you remain in a current state of healthiness or grow to a healthier state.