Digital Marketing Pricing Factors

You want to take your digital marketing to the next level and you want to know what it’s going to cost.  Honest question!  Our pricing is customized based on your company and what it will take to accomplish your goals.  We base our pricing on a lot of things like:

  • your company’s current presence in the market
  • competition
  • demographic
  • location(s)
  • and a variety of other factors

Many businesses look for low cost options.  Unfortunately, they can also result in a loss of quality and effectiveness.  Here’s why we aren’t one of the low cost options:

  • We do a lot of research before starting any project
  • We are obsessed with quality
  • Most likely the lowest cost option isn’t going to deliver the results you want
  • We want want you to say, “Wow” when you see what we create for you


What Should I Spend on Digital Marketing?

Forbes recommends spending around 6%-9% of total revenue on marketing.  Trends are proving digital marketing is the place companies are choosing to spend their marketing dollars.  So if your company’s gross revenue is $500,000 a year, you would want to spend $3,500 a month on marketing and for $5 million in gross revenue company, you’d spend $35,000 a month.  While this may seem difficult for some, this is already happening in the market and it will be hard to be heard above everyone else without making a appropriate investment.


Our Pricing

We offer à la carte services starting at $1,500 a month.  We would recommend using à la carte only if wishing to try out our services (Social Media Management, SEO, or Review Management).  Marketing is a multi-faceted solution which operates best when all the components are connected and communicating.  With us handling all your marketing, we’re able to provide much more value by not duplicating effort and maximizing ad campaign funds.  Our complete packages start as low as $1,500 a month.


Other Questions

Did you have questions to which we didn’t provide answers?  We know how hard it is to get clarity.  Please feel free to contact us with your questions.   We will respond promptly.