Social media has turned the world on its head with over 2 billion people engaged in it. It’s common knowledge that word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Social media is word of mouth amplified. Today’s consumer wants to feel like they have a voice with the brands with which they interact. Social Media accomplishes this as well as keeping your brand at the forefront of their mind when it comes to your industry. There’s no real estate more valuable than your customer’s mind.

We have experience managing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to name a few. Our flexible services offer social media marketing packages which can fit any budget. We take the time to carefully craft the right message to connect with the demographic you seek to accomplish goals like sales, customer service, market research, public relations, etc.  Our posts reach thousands of people with our client’s messages.

Social Media Makes Sense

Marketing dollars matter and sometimes it can be difficult to determine budget.  How much should you spend on marketing?  Jeffrey Joyner has written a great article on how to determine budget.  The Small Business Administration recommends 7-8 percent for businesses with less than $5 million in revenue.  One thing that is pretty certain though is social media has the edge in the marketing world.

Cost-per-Thousand Impressions

How much you pay for every thousand people to which your content is presented.

Marketing Channels for SMB