story telling, branding, marketingIs your marketing material, website, social media, and email campaigns telling your customers a story? If not, you’re risking an unclear message and driving customers away.

All of us learn best and make sense of our lives through stories. Let me explain…If I walk into the local gas station and see a clown juggling by the slushie machine. I walk out, wondering why the clown was juggling by the slushie machine. My brain interprets this situation through a story. I tell myself a story that simplifies this complex problem, and then I share it with all my friends and family to further make sense of the situation. 

When people visit your website or read your marketing material, they don’t want to waste mental energy or calories trying to interpret how your product can help them survive and thrive. To bring your marketing strategy out of obscurity and tell a clear story that leads to a sale, try these simple tips…


  1. Clearly define and talk about the problem your product or service solves. 
  2. Position your customer as the Hero of the story. 
  3. Establish yourself, product, and services as the guide that helps the Hero solve the complex problem. 
  4. Develop a simple plan to help the Hero solve the complex problem
  5. Create a clear call to action. Customers do not take action unless challenged to 
  6. Help them avoid failure. We are all trying to avoid a tragic ending.
  7. Define success. Never assume people understand how your product or service can change their lives. TELL THEM!