I was doing research for a new client the other day and I was taking a look at their suppliers’ websites.  It wasn’t good.  Two didn’t even list them.  One had their physical address, but not a web link.  Back links are a big deal to Google.  By having other sites linking to yours; you help your search engine optimization.  Google looks at these to see how relevant you are.  If other sites “vouch” for you by  linking to you; your value increases.

Most vendors are willing to link to you, but sometimes you have to ask.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  You having higher sales means they have higher sales.  It’s in their best interest for you to succeed.

Cover Your Bases

Be thorough.  The last manufacturer had the listing spot on.  The problem was that when you clicked to find them on the map; it said they were several miles away–not even on the same road–from where they actually are.   This can be very frustrating for a customer trying to find you.  Even if they do find you; their frustration could affect the sale.

Vendors can be great sources of referrals in way of customers, but also gives search engines an idea of your credibility.  Try to make sure you’re listed correctly on their websites as well as any associations, chambers, or accrediting agencies.  All of these can help your search engine optimization.