Website Care Plan

Your website is done!  Now what?  Websites are no longer digital brochures destined to languish in stasis.  Websites are expected to be ever changing to fit the ever changing digital landscape around it.  Whether its technological, aesthetic, or security changes; we keep abreast of it all and ensure your website doesn’t fall behind.  Appearing irrelevant to consumers or search engines is not an option nor is being vulnerable to attacks by hackers. 



It’s not too difficult to remember the latest mass data breach by some large company, but thinking security is a large business problem could easily lull you into a false sense of security.  Cybersecurity company SiteLock has found small  businesses to be the favorite target of hackers.  Even if your website does not ask for personal or credit card information, a hacker may still attempt a take over to use your website to attack others or host spammy or illegal content.  Search engines are very wary of websites which look compromised and will blacklist sites which may harm it’s users.   With our care plans, you can expect these protective measures:

  • Backups-Backups are good for a myriad of reasons because even if it’s not a security-related issue, things happen.  Everyone who’s broken a cell phone, please say amen.  How wonderful would it have been if you could instantly summon your cellphone from a minute in the past?  Having a backup like having that capability. 
  • Security Software-This software blocks threats like brute force, malware, and DDoS attacks. 
  • SSL-A secure socket layer protects sensitive data being transferred and is almost mandatory by most browsers and search engines. 
  • Plugin, Theme, Database update-One of the ways hackers are able to take over sites is by exploiting known mistakes in older versions of software.  We make sure everything stays up-to-date.


Updates and Technical Support

Products change, staff changes, whatever the change may be, we have a monthly budget of time allocated to make any change you need.  Want to freshen up your images or add a new blog, no problem.  Search Engines like when websites grow and add new content to help searchers find what they’re looking for.  Not updating prices or staff can lead to confusion or angry customers.  Our Site Care Plan ensures your best foot is always forward.