Website Financing

Marketing is an integral part of business.  Potential customers will be far more likely to interact with your site before they talk to you.  An out of date website can be a turnoff for customers, ignored by search engines, or even be vulnerable to newer viruses.  Updating to a website with the latest technology and SEO practices will help preserve otherwise lost business. We want every business to have a quality website which showcases what they do best.  We also want these sites to be as affordable as possible.  Our usual three payment system works for most companies, but sometimes it doesn’t.  When this was the case, we wanted to be able to offer a solution that gets everyone what they want.  We believe our financing option fits the bill.  Businesses can make low monthly payments all while enjoying a great website.  This is how it is done with houses and cars.  Why not websites?  Please contact us today to discuss your options or visit Square for more info on the approval process.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: You get a great custom website hosted by us.

Step Two: Your site works for you while you make small monthly payments.

Step Three: Balance is paid and transition is finalized.