I read an interesting article* on leadership the other day.  The title caught my eye, “Leaders celebrate diversity while they work for unity”.  That is so true.  A workplace, whether small or large, is made up of different people. Sometimes diversity can refer to diverse personality types or it could mean diverse ethnic backgrounds or even languages.  A great leader will not overlook those differences and minimize them, instead they will celebrate them while they work for unity.
The article went on to list questions that leaders can ask themselves in their pursuit:
1. Am I building people or building my kingdom and using people?
2. Am I willing to confront people when it will make a difference?
3. Am I listening with more than my ears?
4. Am I asking the right questions to develop the right relationships?
5. What are the major strengths of each individual?
6. Have I placed a high priority on their jobs?
7. Have I shown the value they will receive from his work?
8. Are their goals compatible with mine?
Take some time to ask yourself these questions, then think about the group that you lead. Are you celebrating their diversity while working for their unity?
*John C. Maxwell Leadership Bible